Save money on the Top 5 Most expensive things in your life

TOP 5 Most Expensive things in your life.

  1. Children - the average child costs $448,422 not counting college tuition
  2. House - you will use most of your money to pay the mortgage over 30years averaging $350,000-$550,000 not counting repairs.
  3. Car - you will pay roughly $300,000 on cars, gas, and repairs
  4. Food - you will spend an estimated $300,000 in your lifetime on food
  5. Health - you will spend an estimated $500,000 on your healthcare in your lifetime

Assuming you are an average middle class person living in America you'll have 2 kids, a 3-bedroom house, 1 car, live for 76 years and probably die of cancer or heart disease in a nursing home or hospital. Total comes to $2.6 million dollars that you'll pay for your top 5 expenses.

How to save money on these expenses:

1. Raise smart kids, push sports, teach the importance of a good education - they'll be choosing your nursing home, (hope they get scholarships). Go with good public schools, private schools aren't worth it.

2. Get a modest home you can easily afford. Hopefully you'll be able to buy during a "buyers market" and lock in a low interest rate, adjustable rates are crap go for a fixed rate, refinance once if interest rates drop lower than 1% below what you have, don't pay down the principal balance, wait until you can switch from a 30year mortgage to a 20, 15, or 10 year mortgage (you'll save thousands). Use a stepping stone if you can't afford a home, rent until you can afford a down payment for a condo, then wait until you build up some equity and use the sale of the condo as leverage to purchase the house.

3. Pay for a used car in good condition in full (look for a cheap Honda Insight 60miles/gallon), try to share one car in the family or get rid of a car altogether if possible. It helps if you live within walking distance to your job, or on a bus route, or carpool etc.

4. Pasta and rice, make shopping lists, use coupons, buy in bulk (only if you'll use the food)

5. The best and cheapest health care is prevention. Eat right, and exercise. Short and sweet, simple and effective.


  1. Well said.

    But this is funny ---> they'll be choosing your nursing home

    I also agree with private schools, most are a waste. Unless they can guarantee my child will get a full schlorship to college. I must stick with good good public schools

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  3. Anonymous3:03 AM

    I can't get a mortgage, how do I save on rent when I can't lock in a payment like homeowners can?


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