Getting killed in the stock market!

I picked a pretty bad time to invest in mutual funds in Asia and Latin America. I bought two emerging market funds at their all-time highs during the end of 2007. Now both of them are down over 50%. I'm not too worried about those since I'm looking for them to be profitability in 20 or more years.

I also recently sold my stake in XCR for a massive loss -80% of my investment. I am holding on to SDTH for the long term, even though I'm kicking myself for not selling at $10.50, I would have locked in a solid gain. Now the stock is in the dumpster after this whole economic crisis going on. I'm considering buying some more up because the company is buying back stock and has a numbers.

I recently purchased GNVC and it has tanked as well since I bought it. I really have to stop buying these long shot small companies and start building positions in some real companies with nice dividends.

For the year I'm officially down $62 which isn't that bad, but I am learning as I go. I am still buying monthly into the SPY and hopefully after the economy straightens itself out over the next 5 to 10 years I'll have a nice little nugget sitting in the stock market. Only time will tell.

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