Revisiting this year's goals

Start a Roth IRA before tax time (place $500 in) - did not do
Open a Sharebuilder account and buy stock (invest $50 in an IPO and $50 in a dividend paying company) - not yet
Continue saving with my 401K (readjust as necessary 2006 brought in a 17.1% return) - yes
Paint and fix up house - working on it
Teach dog to catch a frisbee - not yet
Learn more about solar energy consider installing on roof (long term project) - yes
Spend more time with friends and family - yes
Continue sharing ideas with PF bloggers and contribute to the community - yes

I have completed some goals but failed at others.

I still have about half a year to complete the others

Other goals
Buy a domain
build a high traffic website that produces $100 a month passively from advertising

What are some of your goals?

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