Exteme Makeover - Blog Edition

In the following months you will notice some major changes with this blog. I gotten off the topic of How to Make a Million Dollars numerous times. I've become consumed by trivial facts and statistics. I've become an Adsense Junkie, addicted to the few pennies I get when hapless searches click on the advertisements. Most of the advertisements on this site are not even helpful for those people who are really here to find the formula to make a million dollars. There is no get rich quick scheme that is legitimate and effective. Anyone who tells you that you can make a lot of money with little to no experience in a week, a month etc. is a scam artist. Creating wealth takes hard work, persistence and patience. There are ways to make a lot of fast money but they are not legal. I will continue to share ways that I've been able to save money, and how I invest for retirement. I will also share links to sites that I believe will benefit readers. I will try my best to make this site more user friendly. Juan Mill from Millionster mentioned that I should add an about page to give you and idea who I am and what I'm about. I will also do my best to censor advertising that I believe will lead users to lose money rather than make it. I want to set up better navigation and make it easier to post comments. I like feedback good or bad. If you don't like something, disagree, tell me. I regret that I haven't responded to Debt Hater about the way I saved money on high speed internet. How to Make a Million Dollars 2.0 will be more organized, more user friendly, easier to use, and help you make the most of your money.

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  1. I suggest that we work together on something ^_^ I really like your change of heart here. Hit me up.


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