The Golden Rule, Ethics, and Philosophical Musings

Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Important lesson. Learn it, live it, teach it. I find that there are many excellent lessons for life in the Bible, which can be utilized in the business world. You need to be trustworthy and ethical in all your dealings or you will not prosper. If you are providing a service, make sure you are providing the best quality you are able to produce the most good for the greatest number of people. If you provide an excellent service or product you will be rewarded monetarily, and emotionally (acknowledging the fact that you have added value to other people's lives and made something more enjoyable or more convient for them). After you can support yourself and your family, look to help those around you, and help your community, it is your civil duty and responsibility to help those less fortunate than you. I feel very fortunate to be born in the USA, land of opportunity. Until recently I have been ignorant when it comes to financial matters, and seek to change this. When I find new information or tips that help my financial future, I'll share my experiences here or this blog so that others will avoid the mistakes I've made, and reap the benefits of my financial research. If I find a great deal, or tip to save money, I'll share it with readers so that they save money as well. I believe in the good in all people, that human nature is inherently good, and trust the good in people. I have paid for this naivity (as some like to call it) a few times before but over my lifetime this philosophy has let me sleep soundly at night.

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