Bend the rules of TIME with these tips.

Is it possible to speed up time while your at work? Try these tricks to tap into your flow and kick the clock into overdrive.

Athletes refer to it as being in the zone, computer programmers refer to it as being in hackmode, it's when you become so engrossed and so focused on what you are doing that everything in the periphery fades away into nothing.  Coined by the psychologist Csíkszentmihályi flow is described as a feeling of spontaneous joy, even rapture, while performing a task.  Here are the ways to get into a state of flow at work.

1.  Concentrate - limit distractions, turn off the email alerts, take the phone off the hook, put a do not disturb sign on your door

2.  Focus on a challenging task - challenge yourself if you need to by developing you skill, or add a time deadline for getting something completed
3.  Have control - decide to focus on one thing at a time

4.  Have clear goals - write down exactly what you want to achieve

5.  Live in the moment - be aware of what you are doing while you are doing it

    These will set you up for a state where you will lose self-consciousness and that's when you achieve a transformation of time.  Don't be a clock watcher it will make the time drag.

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