Do you want to make your job more satisfying?

Part 1 of a 5 Part Series on Job Satisfaction.

Do you dread going to work?  Are you getting burned out and jaded?  This series will teach you how to enjoy your job again.  If you were to get a promotion today and your salary doubled, you be pretty happy right?  You'd be excited until the novelty wore off, which happens quickly (joy is fleeting)....

So what exactly is it that makes us satisfied with our jobs?  According to the Havard Business Review job satisfaction can be boiled down to 3 specific things. 

  • Challenging work. Believe it or not, monotony = boredom = unhappiness.  If you are never challenged at work you do not have a chance to learn or grow.  Overcoming challenges or difficult problems can be stressful but they give us a sense of achievement and accomplishment versus doing things that are easy and become mind-numbingly dull over time.

  • Being appreciated by coworkers and superiors.  Show me someone who works tirelessly day in and day out and is only recognized to be reprimanded for doing something wrong and I'll show you a miserable, disgruntled worker.  Everyone likes to be appreciated.  Humans, like other animals respond favorably to positive reinforcement.  

  • Contributing to decisions.  This is similar to having autonomy.  Independence and the feeling of having control is important to being happy.  When we feel as though everything is forced upon us we feel helpless.  Even giving people a little choice in decisions make transitions much easier.
 The BIG 3, be satisfied in any job.Check back for Part II of The Job Satisfaction Series.

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