Reallocated some of my 401K Funds

Still trying to reach the $50,000 milestone for my 401K, probably will reach it before the end of this year. The market has not helped my cause, to date my overall value has dropped 0.7%. I reallocated my funds in my 401K since the market is really flat this year. I have moved to some bonds federal and world and will follow closely to see how the account fairs. My other single stock picks have been dogs as well, losing over 50% in value. I am cutting some of my losses and selling to get out of the stocks before losing any more. Sharebuilder is good if you are investing a little bit consistently but the fees are too high to make a quick buck day trading or trading will small amounts of cash. The commissions eat up all of the profits -$10 per live trade it too high. I am currently looking for a different brokerage for trading with much lower fees so I can start making profits. Anyone use TradeKing or Sogo?

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