My student loan experience

Last summer I got accepted into a Master's program at UMDNJ. There was a lot of paperwork to fill out, but I completed the application. Much to my dismay I received a letter from UMDNJ shortly after being accepted stating that they received a payment from Sallie Mae for over $10,000. I was outraged. I never wanted any loans but they granted me student loans as part of the application process. There was an extensive online financial aid piece which was required but I never signed up for a loan. I called UMDNJ and they gave me the run around and then I called Sallie Mae and they told me to call the school. I was extremely angry, anytime you apply for a loan the company does a credit check and then the loan is registered in your credit history. I received a letter from Sallie Mae a few days later explaining the funds have been deposited. After much complaining and talking to supervisors was I able to cancel the student loan

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