Can you make any real money with survey sites?

What's the deal with PAID survey sites? 
Recently I have been signing up for a lot of different survey sites to make some extra money.  After thoroughly testing numerous paid survey sites, countless hours of frustration I present to you an insiders look at the Wonderful World of Paid Survey Sites.  
First I'd like to clarify a few things about doing online surveys.

  1. This will not make you get rich quick. You will not be able to bring in substantial sums of money unless you are getting a ton of other people to sign up (acting as an affiliate).   I found that some survey sites reward you for signing up for other survey sites while they collect an affiliate compensation - almost like scalping tickets.  I'll explain this in greater detail later during my roundup of the dirty dogs of the survey world.
  2. Many survey sites have a point system in place where each point equals a fraction of dollar.  For example on SurveySpot each point equals one cent.  I'll breakdown numbers and figures in the review.
  3. Many survey sites require you to request a minimum payout level.
  4. Many survey sites require you to sign up for "free trials" of products or services which later become paid subscriptions unless you cancel
  5. You will be giving out a lot of personal information and have a bunch of new spam flooding your inbox.
That being said, if you are still interested in making a few extra dollars I will review a few of the survey sites that I consider best of breed and warn 
you which ones to steer clear of.  I do not consider filling out surveys
to be able to bring you enough income to quit your day job, but if you 
are a poor college student, or high school kid, or even a guy that's
out of work, you could definitely make some extra money.  I do
not think that every survey is interesting and fun to do,
but some are and the actual energy spent
to fill out a survey is 
(Stay Tuned - Currently assembling an extensive review of all the survey sites I personally tried)

P.S.  The sites I recommend are located at the top right>>>>>>>>>>>>

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