How Robbin' Hood made his first .03 cents online

In the beginning God created the earth.  One the 23rd day of the second month of the 2006, I created this blog (much to my wife's displeasure) with the goal of saving one million dollars for retirement (if you want to save a million for retirement you are in the right place). I was reading a lot online and even got scammed by a get rich quick scheme. I signed up for a $19.95 program and got a webpage (which belonged to the scam artist). I basically wasted my money and this really pissed me off. I was even more determined now to avoid future scams (so far, so good) and warn others so they wouldn't fall for the same "easy money" traps. Basically anybody telling you it is so simple and easy is lying, it takes some work at first and the easy part comes later.
The first day I had How to Make a Million Dollars running I signed up for Google Adsense from a referral (Google Adsense Referrals no longer exist) by Steve Pavlina, who runs the website Personal Developement for Smart People. I installed my Google Adsense code in my template after about 3 hours of frustration and then checked out my reports the next day. Low and behold someone had clicked on something and BOOM! I had made my first money online. I know what you're thinking 3 cents is nothing to celebrate, but it really is an exciting thing when you are first starting you online quest for riches. Google does not send you a check until you make at least $100 in earnings so it did take a few months before I received a check. The point here is if I can do it, without any knowledge of code or web expertise, so can you! It just takes some determination. Since then I have learned a truckload of information about how to make money online and have tried most things including: selling stuff on Ebay, writing articles for money, filling out surveys, writing product reviews, selling advertising space, affiliate programs, rewards programs, even some consulting and freelance work. I may not have the "Skills to Pay the Bills" like ShoeMoney, but I can honestly say that "I've got the goods to get you out of the woods."
You can call me the Robbin' Hood of online money-making because I steal secrets of the rich super-affiliates and give them to the poor (little guys like you and me).
 I am starting a few new projects soon and will be posting more regularly. Look for a new series geared and written for beginners just starting out in the blogging world with the more advanced online concepts and techniques later. Other personal finance blogs will compare high yield savings accounts or credit card rates and maybe give some recommendations on taxes and I think that's great if that's what your looking for, but if you are interested in things that are more adventurous, sexy, dangerous, and rewarding bookmark this page and SUBSCRIBE to my feed (get the goods without the ads).   Save yourself from the humiliation and frustration that I went through and learn from my mistakes.

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