Earn More Money or Save More Money?

If you had the choice of increasing your salary or being able to save a larger percentage of your salary; what would you choose. Which would you rather do? I bet most of you would chose to give yourself a big raise. Everyone wants to make more money, right?
I would choose the opposite. I would like to be able to save more to retire earlier and reach my goal of making one million dollars sooner. I would rather focus and concentrate on the important things in my life than be distracted and obsessed by the latest gadget on the market.
One of the biggest problems people confront is advertising that creates a perfect fictional reality. A reality that can not exist without Hollywood magic, one that causes us to constantly want more, bigger, better, newer things. We are always trying to out do the Joneses (our neighbors and friends) prove to them we are better off, more hip, trendier, whatever you want to call it. We end up buying things that we really don't need in the first place, but we are convinced by advertising that we do.
These things these prized possesions can take up space in our lives and hearts and may crowd out the people and relationships that really matter. Do you really need a cell phone that can - play music, give directions, surf the internet, check email, take pictures, text etc. How did junkies get their fix before the Crackberry? Do you even really need a cell phone (probably, your saying I just need it for emergencies right). How did we survive before the invention. Are the trivial 2 minute conversations even necessary? Are we dumbing down our speech to some sort of diluted short-hand, brb, lol. I digress. Sometimes I wonder if some of the things that we use everyday improve the quality of our lives? Or did we get duped into thinking this new technology improves our life, when it really isolates us or consumes us.

What do you think?

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