People say it's so easy...

Which surprises me. Everyday I receive spam, or see an advertisement that says, "Follow these easy steps and you too can become incredibly rich." Then you have to take a look at the fine print, which reads results may vary. I am amazed at how many people fall victim to these pyramid schemes and shananigans. Everybody wants to believe that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with their name on it and will act irrationally when they are transfixed on the prize. I get angry when I see innocent people get taken advantage of by slimballs. Copywriters (or the people who write advertisements) are very intelligent and will write what you want to read. The problem is a lot of times the product that their selling is not really the answer to your problems, but they really make it seem that way, by preying on your fears and insercurities. Their job is to create wants and needs that don't really exist, because they are so talented at this they have created the "consumer" a person who doesn't just buy what they need, but they consume everything that is put out there. I'm not angry at the marketers for doing their jobs, sometimes a new washer/dryer unit with all the bells and whistles can really make our family happier (due to clean clothes) and our life seem complete, I'm angry at the ignorance of those who mindlessly buy things they don't use or don't need, because they just "have to have it." I believe a lot of people are trying to fulfill emotional problems through shopping rather than dealing with the actual problems that are causing them distress. When shopping becomes theraputic then there is a major problem. I would call this disease consumerism.

The people that are making the most money on the internet fall into two categories, those who are creating things of great use and value and those who are scamming people out of their hard earned cash. This has been going on for long time and I am going to do my best to arm you with the knowledge to avoid bad deals. At one point in your life I know you were jipped, we all have gotten the short end of the stick once or twice. The key to coming out of any situation a winner is to have the correct information and knowledge needed to make a wise choice. When we lack information or knowledge we have a disability and rely on emotions rather than reality which clouds our judgement and causes us to fall victim to our faults.
Before signing papers or making a large purchase do yourself a favor and GET THE FACTS JACK! before someone makes you an offer you can't refuse and you end up buying something you don't want, don't need, and can't afford.

Let me step down off of this soapbox before I use anymore cliches or make too many great points. What are your thoughts

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