Would Jesus be a Capitalist or Socialist?

It is my belief that Jesus living in the 21st century would be a capitalist rather than a socialist. I think he would approve of Roy Kroc and Sam Walton for starting businesses' which have improved the lives of a great number of people by providing work, service, and quality. He would support anyone who's main goal is to create a company, product or service which helps people. This must be the main focus or goal, rather than turning a profit. If it improves the quality of people's lives, it is good. He would applaud companies that improve communities, provide scholarships, are eco-friendly, and donate to charities. They avoid greed by helping those in need.

According to the Bible Jesus was not really into material things, or treasures on earth, but rather more interested in spreading the word of the Lord and preparing treasures in heaven. He was a be supporter of industry(hard work), generosity, and honesty. He worked as a carpenter before teaching and going on a public speaking tour spreading God's Truths. He might like today's technology and probably have a channel on Youtube, a website or a TV show, but unlike Joel he would not take people's donations to make himself wealthy, but he'd rather donate all to charity. He never denounced money, but warns of the dangers of greed. He would disapprove of companies who are dishonest, and those people in the finance department who illegally manipulate numbers. He would also greatly disapprove of predatory companies who feed on the poor, uneducated, and stressed in their greatest time of need. He would be furious with shady salesmen or advertisements, who prey upon people's emotions to get the sale, or creating needs that don't exist. He would also be angry with banks that offer loans to those who can't pay and credit card companies who give credit cards to irresponsible or financially illiterate individuals.

What do you think? Capitalist or Socialist? Why?

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