So you say you've got a RESOLUTION, well

So do I. First let's visit last year's to see if I did what I set out to do.

Goals of 2007
Start a Roth IRA before tax time (place $500 in) - check plus,
Open a Sharebuilder account and buy stock (invest $50 in an IPO and $50 in a dividend paying company) - check - opened account but chose wiser, less risky investments
Continue saving with my 401K (readjust as necessary 2006 brought in a 17.1% return) - check (2007 saw a return of 19.8%)
Paint and fix up house - ongoing project
Teach dog to catch a frisbee - check - even after Rosie had knee surgery
Learn more about solar energy consider installing on roof (long term project)
Spend more time with friends and family - check, harder to do with babies in the mix, more planning and scheduling involved
Continue sharing ideas with PF bloggers and contribute to the community - check minus

This year here:

Stay tuned for less frequent updates, but better quality posts. I'm abandoning quantity for quality. A longer more thoughtful weekly, biweekly or maybe monthly article will appear (subscribe to the feed...)

Fun experiments: One dollar trust experiment participants I'm testing a few things and will show you a few ways to turn your dollar into many.

Free giveaways: I've been receiving finance books and want to share the knowledge. Anyone interested Contact me (click the tab at the top)

And the cliche resolutions:

Get in better shape
Save more money
Be a better husband
Be a role model
Read the Bible

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