Spotlight on Josh Williams - 1year and 1 million dollars

Josh Williams is trying to make one million dollars in 1yr time using what he learned from the Secret. Here's an interview I did with him:

What gave you the courage to quit your job? Was it just reading the One Minute Millionaire, or did something else inspire you?

How did you meet up with your mentor?

What are your plans when you reach your goal? Where do you see yourself in 5years?

Hi Marshall,

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Anyway, here is the info you asked for.

I got the courage to quit my job when I really started to value my time and I realized that I had nothing to lose by taking this jump. I called it a leap of faith and this was a big step in my journey towards creating my first million, but I guess the biggest thing that helped me take this leap was securing a part time contract – not job – with a client that needed a marketing manager on contract. I started to work around 15 – 20 hours per week on an hourly rate that was three times my previous rate on a salary. This meant I could work half the time I was, have the freedom to do what I want and pursue other opportunities, and also earn a decent wage for doing so. This stemmed from reading the One Minute Millionaire, but also from the words of wisdom that I get from my mentor, Croz. You can actually track this journey on my website from day one, but you could also go to youtube and search for the happy secret and you’ll see a few videos there about this.

I met up with my mentor through no coincidence, or no random chance, I believe this was a perfect example of the law of attraction working in my life. I often refer to the famous quote when the student is ready the teacher will come. If you watch the video ‘ launch of the happy secret’ you can see how we started this project, but to give you some detail in writing it started with a call I made to Croz to tell him about my rough plans to write a book about becoming a millionaire and prove the theories of The Secret and The One Minute Millionaire. After a bit of convincing on the phone, Croz agreed to meet with me for a coffee – this turned into hours of discussion and I remember one thing he said – if you do what I say you will earn your million. Easy. He then gave me a copy of The Science of Getting Rich. It was really great timing for him because he just sold his business and was ready to promote his knowledge as a global authority on The Law of Attraction and The Science of Getting Rich. He has all the knowledge, I have all the energy. Together we work very well as a team and the dynamics between us make every meeting entertaining, inspiring and insightful for me.

What will I do when I reach my goal? I like the way you phrased that question. Before September 30, 2008, I plan to climb a mountain in Malaysia that I visited a few years back and watch a sunrise from there, but beyond that I guess finish my book and organize the publishing and distribution of the book and the dvd of my documentary, and share my story with as many people as possible. I am working on many very exciting business ideas at the moment that will all make a significant social contribution which is great and I see myself continuing to follow these opportunities and further growing these businesses. Essentially, I will have a share in several successful companies and spend a majority of my time spreading the word about this story because I will prove anyone can become a millionaire and achieve financial freedom – I guess I’ll then be on my path to becoming a multi millionaire (if I am not one already by that stage!)

In 5 years time, well I’ll be 30 by then, definitely in a position where I could retire, but I won’t because I love my work so much it is never work for me, and I see myself probably starting to settle down with a family. I look forward to a lifestyle of travelling, being an international presenter, and having the time to watch my kids grow up. Not that I’m planning for kids now, but when I do have a family, I like the idea of being able to make the choices that financial freedom provides. Money does not inspire me, but having choices does. I don’t want to spend money with my family, time is much more important. People are the most valuable things in my life and family is invaluable.

Hope that answers your questions. Sorry it has taken me a short while to respond…

Thanks again for emailing me – hope you have a great week.

Action speaks louder than intention.

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