Future Millionaires: Part 6 Real Estate, The Stock Market & Leverage

Welcome to the of carnival of future millionaires

in real estate

Renthusiast presents Manhattan gets ready for "Bonus Bump" posted at Renthusiast, saying, "This year belonged to London, but in 2007, all eyes in the real estate world will be focused on Manhattan as Wall Street announces record bonuses for 2006."

Rod Thomas presents Off plan investing posted at Prosperity from Property.

Joshua Dorkin presents Advantages of Buying REO Properties - Real Estate Owned Properties - posted at Real Estate Investing For Real.

in the stock market

oovs presents Automate Your Way to Wealth posted at LifeTraining - Online.

Thomas Ott presents Small Cap Value Pick – ChipMOS Technologies (IMOS) posted at Digital Breakfast - Creating Wealth Everyday, saying, "I went long 200 shares of IMOS because in my opinion the technical and fundamental data seemed to point to it being undervalued. So far I’ve been right."

Matthew Paulson presents Why They Want You to Be Broke! posted at Getting Green.

Loi Tran presents Early Retirement posted at Loi Tran.

Thomas Ott presents $100 FOREX Experiment - First Profit! posted at Digital Breakfast - Creating Wealth Everyday, saying, "I had a damn good trade in the EUR/JPY pair after beating my head against the wall last week."

Alvaro Fernandez presents What do successful Traders and Students have in common? - posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, "Here are some tips on how successful stock traders train for excellence."


Andy presents Passive Income Snowball posted at - Get Your Think On, saying, "Some uses of passive income are better than others. Once you've got some, what will you do with yours?"

SCapitalist presents Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt posted at The Stubborn Capitalist, saying, "The differences between good debt and bad debt."

Chris Chan presents Tips on Options Trading | JMOT's Blog posted at JMOT's Blog, saying, "Introducing Options as an investing instrument that allows one to make leverage of small capital (compared to buying stocks) and make money!"

Roshawn Watson presents Click To Play Be Your Own CFO part 2: Mind Yo... posted at Watson Inc, saying, "Many should ask themselves "is working at a job the best way to achieve my goals?" If your goal is financial independence, the answer may startle you. Did you know that business owners are 5 times more likely to become millionaires than typical employees? I would never advocate simply quiting your job to start a business although some have taken that path. Instead, I am arguing that it is imperative that you get your financial affairs in order by saving, investing, minimizing consumer debt, and budgeting."

Brian Thibault presents 10 Ways to Pay for College with OPM (Other People?s Money) posted at Smart Shopper: Personal Finance Advisor, saying, "10 ways to go to college now and pay later."

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