Festival of Under 30 Finances!

My favorite this week:

Amanda presents Resources for the Budding Entreprenuer posted at Young and Broke.

Welcome to the September 10, 2007 edition of festival of under 30 finances.

SpiKe presents 10 Tips For Surviving Freshman Week posted at Organize IT.

SpiKe presents 10 Tips For College & University Students posted at Organize IT.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents The Powerful (and Addictive) Nature of Giving posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, "I've come up with an idea that has me covered in goosebumps every time I think about it. And that's a feeling I want to pass on to you."


Nenad Ristic presents Attribution Theory posted at Money Conciousness.

Hustler Moneyblog presents Do the Miles-O-Rama! posted at Hustler $$$ Blog.

Ryan Russell presents Finding A Fix: 10 Tips For Resolving Financial Disputes posted at My Money Thinks, saying, "Learn how to communicate effectively with creditors and financial institutions to get disputes cleared up as quickly as possible. Learn how to master the negotiations and come out on top.

presents Learning About Debt Relief Programs posted at Care on Credit, saying, "Debt relief comes in many forms — credit counseling, debt consolidation loans, settlement and even bankruptcy. Each solution will help you get out of debt, but the long term impacts and fees can vary greatly. Understand the myth and reality behind your debt relief options."

karyn presents What is a Credit Score? posted at Finance 123.

KCLau presents Top 10 Money Lessons by Dissecting Billionaire Leona Hemsley’s Will posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "After dissecting Helmsley's 14-page will filed in Surrogate’s Court, I am going to elaborate some personal finance money tips in this post. Some facts will amuse you while some lessons are to be learned to alert you of planning your estate more effectively. Here are the top lessons I learn from researching Leona’s will."

Tushar Mathur presents How to save money on lighting in your home! posted at Everything Finance.


FIRE Getters presents Sharebuilder Costco Bonuses + Promotion Codes! posted at FIRE Finance.

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