About the Festival of Under 30 Finances

From Kira at Penny Foolish

The Under 30 Honor Roll is a group of under-30 personal finance bloggers who have formed a network to support one another's efforts in their financial endeavors. We have a forum at which everyone is invited to visit. We want to make a positive impact on the financial lives of others in our situation, and hope that by sharing our experiences we can come out ahead!

If you would like to join the Honor Roll, just email me (MarshallMiddle at gmail dot com) and I will add you to the list. I'll need to know your blog address, feed, and email address. That's all! I would prefer that new bloggers have been blogging at least one month before joining, to make sure that blogging is for you.

Anyone of any age can contribute to the Festival of Under 30 Finances as long as their article is relevant to a financial issue which people under 30 deal with. (This means that a post about how to take age-required minimum distributions from your IRA is out.) Here's some potential topics:

student loan debt
buying a first house
establishing good credit
budgeting tips
college costs or scholarships
renting issues
mutual funds, 401(k), IRAs

You may submit an article on any topic, written at any time; you do not need to submit new content. Every edition of the Festival will have a question selected by the host, we ask that you submit a short, one or two sentence response. Go here to submit an article for the next upcoming Festival edition.

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