Update: Step by Step guide to Saving Money on your Comcast High Speed Internet

Debt Hater here it is:

Save money on your Comcast High Speed Internet, or any other service that uses a cable modem.

  1. Find out what cable modem you are currently using. I had a RCA DCM315R Digital Cable Modem DOCSIS 2.0.
  2. Go to and purchase the same type of modem. I found a refurbished one selling for $0.99 shipping cost me $10 for a total of $10.99.
  3. Receive modem and install it. For those that are technologically challenged unplug the one you have, taking note of where the wires are connected and they put the new one in.
  4. Call Comcast and explain that you bought your own modem. They will ask you for Serial Number and the Mac address (both numbers are on a sticker on the bottom of the modem). Make sure your internet works.
  5. Take back the original modem to your local Comcast and tell them to take off the rental charge that appears on your bill every month.
  6. Voila! You're done. Now you've just reduced your monthly cable bill by a few dollars (I'm saving $3 a month)

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