Little things kill.

It is not the major purchases that cost you (your house, car, education) these purchases are usually well thought out in advance and made with good judgment. It is the little impulse purchases, the gizmos and gadgets, impulse buys here and there while running errands that take all your money without you even noticing. I am writing down what I spend my money on, every purchase for a month and will see where it is going. Think before you buy: is the item a want or a need, can I live without it, is it worth buying now or better to be free of debt? Remember little things add up.


  1. True that! I spend of money on useless tiny stuff that I don't even use that much!

  2. What I found helpful to reduce the amount spent on “the little things” is to give yourself a cash allowance each month. When your actually buying things in cash it really makes you reconsider if it’s worth it.



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