I received a million dollars in the mail today

Today I received a letter in the mail containing a million dollars. Oddly enough it was from a dentist advertising his services and the bill was fake. I think this a way a God telling me "here's a million dollars, not focus on more important things." So I'll continue to post, but not as regularly and intensely. Right now I'm putting together a homemade concoction of fertilizer (I got the recipe from My house is a mess. Got a marathon coming up next weekend. Finances are significantly better than last year, but I still haven't set up an automatic savings plan into the ING direct savings account from our checking account (I plan to do this before summertime hits) Still lamenting the costs of everything for the house (looks like we'll remodel the upstairs bathrooms) Need to get more education to increase my earning potential and further my career (deciding between nurse practitioner and nurse anesthesist) Still interested in investing but saving up until I have a few grand to work with (looking to invest for the long term in dividend stocks)

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