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I recently increased my retirement contributions to my 401k at work from 10% to 12% after a small raise I received. Right now I have 25% going into FFFFX (a target date fund by Fidelity for 2040) and 50% going into FDVIX (diversified international - the best returning fund to date that I've invested in) and the other 25% into a Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets fund (the most risky and fun to watch). So far this year I have a 8.5% return. My goal is to have over $30,000 invested in my 401K by the time I'm 30, right now I'm 27 and I have over $10,000 saved up. The goal is attainable and I will continue to increase my contributions in small intervals until I reach 15%. I am disappointed that my company only matches 4% but it's better than nothing and I will not complain about free money. I'm trying to find ways to invest and tap into the Middle East and India two markets that I believe will have a lot of explosive growth with the building of infrastructure and attractions (ever hear of Dubai?)

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