What I did to lower my phone and cable bills.

Save more money by cutting bills in half
Over the past year I used Microsoft Money to budget expenses. We were spending a lot of money on the cable bill (including high speed internet, and cable TV) and the phone bill (home phone, cell phones). I use Comcast for cable and internet and Verizon for home phone and cell. Comcast cost me $112.25 a month and Verizon ran at $126.12 a month.

Total for these bills = $238.37 a month or $2,860.44 a year.

I cut my bills down to $39.40 a month for Comcast and $52.94 a month for Verizon + $6.17 a month for home phone from SunRocket.

Total of the new bills = $98.51 a month or $1,182.12 a year

That's a total savings of $140.16 a month or $1,681.92 a year. Not bad at all.

If you are still paying a lot for cable and phone bills here is what you can do to cut them in half. First find out who the accounts are under. If it is under one name, cancel and sign up for a new promo offer under your spouses name. We moved and were able to qualify for a new account because of our change of address. Take advantage of the competition for customers that Comcast and Verizon are fighting for. To save even more money sign up for an account at BountyZoo and they will pay you a $35 bonus for signing up with Comcast and a $100 bonus for signing up for SunRocket. Ditch your landline and go to Voip. Basically SunRocket is the same as Vonage, but for a lower price. Right now they are running a promotion that you get the first 3 months free. I have had this service for over 3 months and it works great.

Sign up for BountyZoo at the link provided here and sign up for you services through their website. 3 months after your purchase they will pay you your "bounty" your free money bonuses through Paypal. This works, I just got paid $110. You can also find other deals and discounts on their site.

You can also send me an email if you want and I'll give you a referral link for SunRocket or enter the referral code 73 26 780 825. I also have ING Direst $25 dollar bonuses for opening a savings account with $250 too.

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