Who wants to be a Millionaire? 6 Figures in 6 Steps

This is an outline of what I plan to write about in the future. "6 Figures in 6 Steps" (don't steal this) is based on the idea of breaking a large task into many smaller easier to complete tasks, at the end you still arrive at the same goal, but you don't lose heart or motivation because you are constantly making progress, you constantly build upon small victories. I predict that if I break down the monumental goal of making a million dollars (which is shared by many people as evidenced by the high amount of search traffic this site receives from Google in it's relatively short existence) into 6 easy to follow steps and develop an action plan more people will be able to benefit. This is a group project that anyone can join for free (right now, I encourage you to sign up) I will participate in the program while simultaneously creating it. Your feedback will help to tweak it and improve it. Again this program it open to anyone who is interested, I would recommend it to high school students, college students, professionals who are unhappy in their jobs, and entrepenuers who want to start their own business. I'm not sure of the timeline, but this is definately classified as a get rich slow program. If you're looking to make a million by next month try The Rick Jerk, or some other wealth building program. I want this site to do good and not do evil. Half of the money made from this site will be donated to charity.

6 Figures in 6 Steps
1. Find you Passion
2. Get Educated
3. Get a Job
4. Save More, Spend Less
5. Invest
6. Accelerate Success

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