Step 1. What's Your Passion?

There is no such thing as magic. If you wish for a million dollars and Whoop! There it is. No, I don't think so. It does not go {POOF} an appear as a cloud of smoke dissapates. If you can do this today then that's pretty incredible, but it's also impossible. Don't pray to win in the lottery, instead TAKE ACTION! Use your intense desire and drive to lead you to the elusive million dollar goal. How do I make a million dollars you ask? Anyway you want to. What does that mean? I suggest using your talents (things you are good at). If you don't know what your strengths are give yourself some time for self assessment or ask a trusted friend who will be honest with you. Once you know what your are good at, make sure you enjoy doing it. If you are a talented athlete but have a passion for fishing, you will inevitabily be unhappy. When your are playing in the Superbowl you will be sad because you'd rather be on your fishing. Find your passion (something that you love, that makes you excited, motivated, gives you energy, and satisfies your soul). Finding your passion may not be easy, especially if you're young and have not had a lot of life experience. I'm talking about passion for a subject or activity, not lust or love of a person. Steve Pavlina has some articles on passion. Do you have to limit yourself to one passion? No, you may have many passions, but when you are starting out try to focus on one or two to make a career out of drop the others down into the hobby category. I'll talk about balance later, and why it is importance.

Discussion questions:

What do you like? What do you love? What is your Passion? Do you love your job? Are you passionate about what you do? If you could have any job what would it be and why? Are you jaded, or frustrated with "the system" or organization that you work for?

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