Psychological Advertising Part 3: Create a need, draw on emotion

Psychological Advertising Part 3:

Humans have basic needs. Let's go back to some basic Psychology and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. After the basic needs are fullfilled, food, water, shelter etc. you are able to concentrate on higher level things. Next we have the need for safety. A lot of times advertisements can play on our fears. Fear is one of our strongest emotions. You may see an advertisement for a security system that shows a burglar breaking into a house and causing harm to a family. Insurance is a big player in the area of fear and safety. Basically you are paying someone to feel safe and they will offer insurance against just about anything these days if you're will to pay for it. You may receive a long term illness insurance. These things are not likely to happen to you, but if you are afraid they will, or if you are convinced to live in fear, you'll buy them for peace of mind. All to feel safe. This plays upon the need for safety. Right now EHarmony is playing upon the need for intimacy. Really people got together before the internet and people when out on dates and talked and found compatable mates. I'm sure of this. People were dating long before the internet was invented. But if someone is feeling down because of failure, and this service promises happiness, and shows pictures of happy couples, what do you think will happen. The person's need for intimacy will be strong enough motivation to try this service.

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