My third business

My third business was probably my most successful business. Again this was a joint venture in which I partnered with a friend. It was actually his idea. Our junior year of high school we decided to cut lawns for the summer. We made flyers for Guyswhocutgrass. We made tee-shirts with a logo and our phone number on the back as a uniform. We went door to door to almost every house in the town. We ended up getting a good number of clients and we were mowing about 20 lawns a week. A lot of people liked the fact that we were kids from the town who were saving up money for college (and other things). We charged by the job, our most expensive was $50, and did edging as well. We made a good team and were able to mow lawns very quickly. We used our own (family's) lawnmowers and my parents van was our transportation. We ended up getting more clients through customer referrals. We made roughly $300 a week each, cash, and over $3000 for the summer. We also did some landscaping, and other odd jobs. Then we left for college and gave most of our lawns to some younger friends. What we should have done was to hire on some younger workers and pay them by the hour while we still collected the money, but we didn't. So if you're in high school and want to be the CEO of your own company, start a lawn mowing business and make some money.

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