High Search rankings

It seems that my little blog has been working it's way into three major search engines. Marshall Brain still has the top stop in all three with his nice powerpoint presentation entitled "How to Make a Million Dollars" but I run a close second. Here's how I currently stack up (not too stable for someone who is not a SEO webmaster genius)

Search: How to make a million dollars

Google #7
MSN #5
Yahoo #2

I will soon be looking to move to a new server and buy my own domain, because I'm getting to the edge of outgrowing Blogger. I like it, it's simple, workable, but from what I read WordPress is the place to be for more control. We'll see what happens in the upcoming months. I also apologize for the shameless paid advertising that I've been doing a lot of lately. I really struggle whether or not to do them at all. I'll warn readers with a Paid Advertisement tag in the header for now on. I know how Flexo is strictly against these paid posts, and if you're good you don't need them. I'm sure some smaller blogs can relate, when you're scrapping together whatever survey and money making opportunity you can get your hands on. Like any other squirrel I'm just storing up nuts for retirement. I have to find out from someone about creating my own free-lance review writing business and contract out the work. Also I wonder if anyone with tax knowledge would know this. If I donate half of what I earn on the site, with it cancel out of my gross income, and not increase my taxes?


  1. hey, congradulations on moving up on the rankings! "How to make a million dollars", I wonder how many people search for that, (must be more than I imagine)

    If you looking for a good host, is a good shared one, with pretty good resources... about 200 gigs of storage, and 2 TB of monthly bandwidth, there one-touch wordpress install is great!

    Also there's this coupon to get $99, off your first year (only $20 for your first year of hosting + wordpress) lol, I know it seems like I'm advertising, but I've been with many hosts, and dreamhost is prolly the Best I've used.


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