Attention PF Bloggers with goal of saving 1million dollars

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If you are a PF Blogger with the goal of saving one million dollars, or have already achieved a net worth of one million or more, join me in creating the PF Overachievers blogroll. Much like the under 30 honor roll, but with a twist. I'm looking for people with a common goal, not a common age. If this applies to you contact me to be added to the PFO. I hope that this community will become more close-knit and people can encourage and inspire each other along the way. Contact me if you're interest. I hope that many join, and I encourage those who are older and wiser to lend your knowledge to those of us who are starting out. This is sort of a cross-section of the Personal Finance bloggers. I also would like to announce PFO bookclub, which reads books (finance books) and reviews them as a group, good books will be passed on, bad books will be destroyed. Questions? Comments? I hope to bring more people together in active participation in the blogosphere

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