How high is your risk tolerance?

Being far away from my retirement I have the ability to be more aggressive and take more risk, than people who are closer to retirement. So far this strategy has worked well going with mostly Emerging Markets and International stocks over the past few years. Do you check your investments daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. I keep an eye on investments and keep up to date on the markets, monitoring weekly and monthly. I think obssessively checking too much or not checking at all can be very bad. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Checking obsessively is definitely not productive for me, bc even when a stock is doing poorly, I'd most likely wait it out a bit. But when I first started managing my 401(k), I felt like it was such a herculean task/responsibility that I anxiously checked it every weekend. Now, I only check it once a month for my monthly networth there's something to be said for habituation? I'm still working up the nerve (and more importantly money) to actually jump into starting a portfolio outside my 401, but to answer your question: I think an investor should check stock performance regularly and as frequently as s/he plans to actually re-allocate the $. And of course, keeping up with financial/industry/market news is a smart daily practice.


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