Spend now and Save later VS Save now and Spend later

Instant gratification is everything these days from email to cell phones and is heavy advertised. Many items are free, no payments until 2008, etc. etc. Every commercial tries to convince you that you won't be cool, sexy, or successful without the latest useful gadget. So what should you do- save now, use the power of time to make the most of your money. What do most people do- spend now (you can pick them out pretty easily - they always have the newest cell phones, watches, TVs, cars, etc.) later on they will see that their lack of patience will cause them to have money problems. When bills come due and they want to retire they'll have to work or live in poverty. I look for a happy medium, I try my best to save now, but once in a while I get something that I don't need.

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  1. I am a save now and spend later kinda guy. Nice post


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