Money and Relationships

Scheduled a financial discussion with my wife to set some goals for 2007. Do you and your spouse or significant other discuss money? We do and sometimes it leads to arguements. I've found that setting aside a specific time and place helps (instead of randomly giving information about the importance of budgeting or looking at our bills). We try to meet at the end of every month but have been lax lately with the hustle and bustle of the move. I was even thinking about taking a look at our finances as a company would. With quarterly reports and a prospectus etc. Many other pfbloggers have done this with a monthly balance sheet stating their networth. I chose to set specific goals instead of monthly spreadsheets. Granted the spreadsheets are a good idea to see where you're going. We use Microsoft Money, and Wachovia's Billpay for most of our financial needs. Next year I will be more on top of things since this past year has been more about discovery and learning.

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  1. First, congrats on your first home!
    Second, you're wise to set aside a designated time for these talks because they tend to get heated no matter what you're talking about. I know between me and my fiance, every money discussion seems to raise a little panic in both of us... but not talking about it will only make it worse. People can't live in denial about their financial situations and expect them to get better!
    Happy Holidays!


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