Is advertising on a personal finance website wrong?

Simple question. Difficult answer. As always I invite readers to weigh in on the topic. I am a consistent reader of a variety of personal finance blogs. It seems to me that most people are currently running Adsense ads by Google alone the lefthand site bar and maybe a banner at the top as I have which is perfectly fine with me. I have no problem with people if the advertisements are pertinent and do not distract from content (you are there to read and increase your knowledge, right). And many also have affiliate links especially books they've reviewed from Amazon or maybe a Chiquita mall, or maybe even some sponsored links. But when do you cross the line. If you are truly trying to help people in financial trouble, is it really in their best interest to be checking out an array of tech products or gadegts that they don't need? Or does it help them when you present a variety of credit cards? The point I'm trying to get to here is that if the personal finance community wants to do more good than harm, stick to information that will help people get out of financial trouble not providing pathways to get them in a darker shade of red. I'll admit it is nice to have a few dollars cash flow from a blog, but I'd give it up if I was doing anyone any damage. The main reason I started this was to track my progress to 1 million dollars saved for retirement and help others with my experience alone the way. I think that Ramit over at has the right idea. Creating a useful product that will help people. This is just a general warning to be cautious and be smart. I'm trying to get away from myself serving greedy mission and open up my this how to blog as more of an information resource. Howstuffworks - the site created by Marshall Brain created a new page recently about How to Make a Million Dollars which has a lot of good information and I recommend checking it out.

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