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Recently I've been attending a church group on Wednesday mornings and one of the topics was money. It's interesting to see what the Bible says about money and wealth. Basically it has the same morals as the famous story of Ebeneezer Scrooge in the Christmas Carol. You can't take your worldly possesions with you and it's not what you have, but rather what you do with your time here on earth. The Bible states that it is very hard for the rich to get into heaven because they find it hard to part from their posessions. It is truly ashame when your possessions begin to own you. Example you buy a huge house and then become a slave to it, working harder and more hours to pay for it, ironically you end up never getting to spend time at home and can't enjoy it.

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  1. There's plenty in there about wealth, such as, we're not supposed to be in debt just like we aren't supposed to be a slave to things. Essentially, you become the servant of whomever you owe and that's not why God blesses us with resources. We're supposed to bless others.


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