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I just signed up for a new review site called Basically the idea is similar to Payperpost. You submit your blog and then review items for money. Getting paid for opinions isn't new. It's what movie critics, or film critics are paid to do all the time. ReviewMe pays through either paypal or check. Right now you can sign up and depending on the amount of traffic your blog gets you may qualify for a nice chunk of change. Would doesn't like the idea of making a quick buck?

The are some guidelines and requirements. The post must be X amount of words and also by labelled as a paid advertisement.

Is it wrong to be paid to review items? I feel that if you give your honest opinion on things without being swayed by the money then it is not wrong to be paid for your opinion. Look at celebrities they are endorsing products all the time. Do you really think Dan Marino used the Nutri Slim system? Are the celebrities endorsing products because they use the product and appreciate the quality? OR Is it just another way for them to afford such a lavious lifestyle of obscene luxury.

At award shows companies provide gift baskets to stars because companies want trendy, powerful, persuasive people to use their products. If you see your favorite actress carrying a purse, don't you find that purse more appealling than another.

I digress, the point is is a site that pays you money for your opinion or review of a product. It seems that the more popular your internet site is, the more compensation you deserve (advertisers are willing to pay for internet A-list supersites --- Google payed Billions for Youtube). Check it out if you want to, it's just another way to pay the bills.

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