Why I blog about my finances.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been tracking my finances, by budgeting, saving, and cutting down on excess spending. My goal is to save a million dollars for retirement and I started a personal finance blog to help me stay motivated. When I find new ways to save money or interesting tricks or tips I'll post them. I am currently still in debt - school loan, loan, and mortgage, but I am in a much better position than I was in the beginning of the year. So far this year I have paid off over $26,000 dollars on my school loan and will be able to pay it off in full by the end of this year. I consider this to be a great accomplishment. One that will save a great deal of money in interest over the next few years. I have also been able to cut down spending on cable, cell phone, prescription medications, vacation, and car insurance, while increasing my earning power. I have learned a lot about 401K's, investing, and taxes. Yes it has been hard at times, but I believe that taking control of your finances is definately worth it. Write down your financial goals, make a budget, stick to it, and watch your money grow. Take control of your finances and break the chains of debt. The total amount of money I have saved this year is well over $3,000 and the knowledge I have gained is priceless. Thank you for reading and blogging about personal finance.

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