Personal finance bloggers I need your help...

This is an assignment that goes out to the personal finance community. I must find a way to come up with an extra $100 a month. We will be moving soon and I would like to find a way to continue with the same lifestyle. The cost increase is a rough estimate is $100 more per month. Electic will increase about 20% because we are moving from a condo to a house and it will take more energy to heat/cool. I took a look at my budget for ways to cut down on costs. Right now the two areas that I think can be trimmed are

Comcast Cable = $ 125/month
Verizon (phone and cell phones) = $125

I think I could go without cable for a bit, but would like to get it back eventually that would bring the Comcast bill down to $50 per month for cable modem, I was also looking into DSL.
I'm curious about whether or not the cable company will let you sign up with a special offer. I was taking a look at the Triple play - cable, internet, and phone for $99. That original fee will shoot up eventually, but give us some breathing room in the short term. Also is there cheap cell phone plan out there. Right now our cell phones are ringing up $100 monthly bills. We just use them to talk to people In the network and for long distance. Any suggestions?

Other ideas I've had are to work some more overtime, to increase income, continue to sell off extra stuff on Ebay, and start a small business on the side. Any other ideas?

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