How to get the most out of a home inspection.

The attorney review is complete and now it's crunch time. I am hoping the the Fed lowers interest rates when they meet on Oct 24-25th, but that does not seem likely. This weekend is the home inspection.
The major areas for the home inspection include the following:
  1. The basement - check for leaks, mold, water. If water doesn't drain away from the house you will find yourself paying $4,000-$8,000 to put in a pump or drainage system. Make sure the land slopes downward away from the house.
  2. The foundation - check for any cracks, shifts. Make sure this is solid, if the foundation is off, it could throw off everything else (doors, windows) and make the entire structure unsafe
  3. Electrical system - test outlets, make sure that all the breakers and switches work
  4. Plumbing - test hot and cold water, check to see how old the water heater is.
  5. Heating/Cooling system - test the thermostat (is it acurate), how long will it work for - could cost $6,000 to replace the unit
  6. Roof - check for leaks, and moss
  7. Sidewalk and driveway
  8. All railings
  9. Siding
  10. Consider anything missing from the house
Anything you can find wrong with the house ask the inspector to put into the report. You may be able to negotiate with the seller. If something needs repaired, ask the seller to repair it or give you a credit (money to make the repair). Do some research, write down any questions you have and come prepared. This will help you get the most out of the home inspection.

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