Don't get Scammed!

Many people are lured into spending money on a new product or "system" that claims to make people rich in 30days, or 24hours. The Rich Jerk comes to mind. Anyway I want you to avoid scams at all costs. A scam is only going to make one person rich, and the person who is getting rich is definately not you. It is whoever is recieving your money. A scam is made up of a long sales letter, sometimes many pages long, with personal success stories, videos, etc. Here is a great example of a scam. Don't buy this SCAM, you will not get rich, you will waste your money and be bitter. The advertisers are like sharks and will eat you alive if you even seem a little interested (hint: don't give them your email). They will act like a friend trying to protect you from the horrors of 'hard work' and promise freedom and money beyond your wildest dreams. So don't buy into these get rich quick schemes. It's a bunch of crap, don't let these jerks get rich by buying their products.

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