Countdown until 100

As soon as I reach my goal of $100 I'm shutting this website down. Time constraints and certain life events need more attention right now. Namely the selling of this condo and the purchase of our first home. It is tense and exciting. Scary as well, I'll be trading one looming mortgage for a much larger one when all is said and done. I hope everything works out, a lot of things need to fall into place. We are getting a few more offers and hopefully have a buyer that will work out. The housing market is still deflating and we hope to use that to our advantage with our home purchase. We go back to the negotiation table armed with a contractor's estimates on repairs. Hopefully the seller of the home we are interested in will give us some credits ($) or make the repairs (which I highly doubt, considering they have been living in Indiana for the past 6 months). We are still not pressed and will not go throw with the deal if something is arye.

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