Carnival of Future Millionaires Up... Come and Get it!

Welcome to the October 23, 2006 edition of carnival of future millionaires.

Thank you to all who participated. And now on with the show. Enjoy!

Brandon Peele presents Freakonomics Book Review posted at GT.

Vihar Sheth presents For-Profit Social Ventures posted at Vihar Sheth.

Praveen presents Six Simple Steps For Lottery Winners posted at My Simple Trading System.

Nina Smith presents Buying Self Esteem posted at Queercents, saying, "In an effort to provide a little more testosterone at Queercents, this is a guest post from Rich Taylor."

Peter Kua presents I’ll only expire at 91… Darn! posted at

Brandon Peele presents Why get an MBA? posted at GT.

Bill presents Sad But True posted at Ask Uncle Bill, saying, "Is college a good investment?"

Jeff Plumb presents Readers are Leaders posted at The Buck Stops Here, saying, "If you want to make a million dollars, start by investing in yourself. Purchase some inspirational books. Tom O'Toole is an example of a kindergarten dropout who has become a millionare. Try reading his book to see how he did it."

TrustedAdvisor presents Trusted Advisor Associates > Blog posted at Trusted Advisor Associates.

Tracy Coenen presents 6 excuses why people don’t save money posted at FRAUDfiles.

Christopher Brunner presents How to Start a Business - Part 1 of 4 posted at The Small Business Buzz, saying, "Thank you for considering my 4-part post for inclusion in this week's CoFM. I look forward to seeing your picks."

Bill presents Getting Off The Dime posted at Ask Uncle Bill, saying, "A smart daughter gets ahead."

Moneywise presents Index Fund Valuation Matrix posted at The Real Returns.

Nina Smith presents Ten Money Questions for Abigail Garner posted at Queercents, saying, "For several years, Abigail Garner has been at the forefront of the Queerspawn movement. Queerspawn means that you are an adult child of one or more LGBT parent(s). Abigail is the author of Families Like Mine: Children of Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is. She provided Queercents with poignant views on family finances, the challenges of owning a small business and trying to fuse the label “rich and famous” with reality."

Kevin Surbaugh presents News Item: Lemon Award Nominations for Bad Banking posted at Becoming and Staying Debt Free, saying, "Don't believe Credit Cards are out to get you? Read this press release, listing's nominees for the Lemon Award."

business tips

Alexander Becker presents WOW: Look Good and Fulfill the Expectations: It's What's Upfront that Counts posted at WOW, saying, "Are your looks congruent with your performance?"

Brian Brown, CPA presents Starting a Business - Top 5 Tax and Other Considerations posted at Your Money Matters, saying, "CPA Brian Brown gives insight into his top 5 tax and other considerations in starting a business.

Thanks for hosting.

Adam presents Thoughts on making money posted at Adam.

Dylonium presents The Ultimate Entrepreneur's Guide posted at Cash 101, saying, "Learn how to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship!"

Joseph presents help with everything: How to save money posted at help with everything.

oovs presents Developing Charisma - Lessons from The Dog Whisperer posted at LifeTraining - Online.

John Buehler presents Rebuilding Eden - The 3rd Channel » So, You’re Starting a Small Business posted at Rebuilding Eden.


Phil B. presents Top Ten Reasons Why No One Clicks on Your Ads posted at Phil for Humanity.


Bryan C. Fleming presents How to Get Through a Cash Pinch posted at Bryan C. Fleming .com.

Matt Hutter presents A year's salary under the mattress? posted at, saying, "This article profiles the typical American millionaire, how he/she got there and an example of saving an entire year's salary in less than seven years."

Jeff Plumb presents Pay Yourself First posted at The Buck Stops Here, saying, "Start simple, start today. Get yourself an online savings account so that when that big idea arrives, you'll have the money ready to invest."

Doctabones presents The Power of Alex Jones posted at The Ironic Fist, saying, "Here is what every aspiring young millionaire needs to sapire to..."

Bryan C. Fleming presents Counting Cold Hard Cash posted at Bryan C. Fleming .com.

Bill presents Hit 'Em Where They Ain't posted at Ask Uncle Bill, saying, "Why glamour jobs may not be for you."

Travis Wright presents CG Podcast #003 - Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Podcast Series #02/16 - A Definite Chief Aim posted at Cultivate Greatness, saying, "Podcast Series covering Napoleon Hill's Law of Success - This is episode #2 - A Definite Chief Aim"


fedor presents Leverage is not even a double-edged sword posted at forexblog.

The Landlord presents The Danger of Overextending Yourself posted at Lording the Land, saying, "The common wisdom isn't always right. When investing you have to learn to measure your risks and proceed with caution."

million dollar ideas

HeJustLaughs presents Why reinsurance companies like MRH are the place to be. posted at HJL Money Blog, saying, "Why investing in reinsurance companies like MRH can prove fruitful in the long run."

Peter Kua presents How to make $1,000,000 in the stock market automatically posted at

Bryan C. Fleming presents Piles of Money! posted at Bryan C. Fleming .com.

MillionDollarCountDown presents An Ambititious Journey!!! posted at MillionDollarCountDown, saying, "My journey to grow $100K to $1 million thru investing in financial markets."

Jane Chin presents Many Dimensions of Money posted at Jane Chin PhD, saying, "Money is more than just a physical currency. There are three dimensions of money that are equally if not more important than the physical form."

David B. presents Million Dollar Idea, Billion Dollar Genius posted at How Do People Get Rich?.

Bryan C. Fleming presents Million Dollar Savings Club: The Give-away Pile Strikes! posted at Bryan C. Fleming .com.

Wenchypoo presents Junk Mail Humor Better Than Comedy Central posted at Mental Wastebasket, saying, "How NOT to go about making millions of dollars!"

Renthusiast presents Spotlight on Cape Verde posted at Renthusiast, saying, "Cape Verde, touted by many to be the next foreign investment property hotspot. With direct flights from Britain due to start next month, developers and estate agents are "piling into the islands in force," but is the north - African archipelago truly a safe investment?"


Peter Kua presents Wanna be more productive? Trash that bloody PDA! posted at

Alexander Becker presents WOW: Divide and Rule: Make Compound Interest Work For You posted at WOW, saying, "Creating abundance. "Subdivide even the smallest amounts.""

quick cash

Lickhau Loo presents 5 Money Generators in Internet MLM posted at Internet MLM Development.

Vadim presents The Hunt for Red Space Plane (2007), Or How To Earn $100/hour Searching Russian Internet High And Low posted at Alles Normales.

David B. presents Getting the Most from a Savings Account posted at How Do People Get Rich?.


Rob Schaumer presents How Can I Give You Business? To Be Successful Become A Giver. posted at Rob Schaumer.

My Bubble Life presents The Secret to Defeating Debt posted at My Bubble Life, saying, "One of the hardest ideas for us to grasp is that we are 100% responsible for the results of our lives. Where you are in your life right now is a result of the choices that you've made up to this point."

Nina Smith presents Ten Money Questions for Dan Savage posted at Queercents, saying, "Dan Savage writes a nationally syndicated sex-advice column called “Savage Love” that is read by more than 4 million people each week. Sex is the juicy part, but often times, financial compatibility can be just as significant in the success of a relationship. Queercents asked Dan a few questions about money, couples and kids."

Game Producer presents $113,160.53 Indie Games Sales posted at Game Producer, saying, "...Cliff Harris (NOT author of made over $113K selling games online."

David presents 10 Easy Things to Do Now to Make More Money Later posted at Money Under 30.

Peter Kua presents What would you give up to crush your enemy? posted at

My Bubble Life presents The Secret of Highly Productive People posted at My Bubble Life, saying, "I believe this applies to every millionaire that I know."

Wenchypoo presents The NEW Lessons in Higher Education posted at Mental Wastebasket, saying, "An oldie from me, but a thought-provoking one!"

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