Things needed to make money

There are a few very important things that you should have if you intend to make money. A job is the most steady source of income, time is also necessary especially if you are planning on amassing a large amount of wealth. Originally, I thought that making a million dollars would be a lot easier than it is turning out to be. I will make a million dollars but it will just take a longer time than originally planned. With appropriate saving and investing habits you can set a course for your one million dollar goal and put you finances on auto-pilot. No, it is not easy. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work, a little sacrifice, and a lot of willpower (no instant gratification). Yes, there are things that you can not plan for (accidents, emergencies) but you can prepare yourself for life's major purchases (a home, children, children's education, retirement). I will continue to plot my course along the way. I will try to increase the amount of passive income (I will not be renting a property anytime soon) and decrease the amount of wasted money in my budget. I will try to maximize earning potential will limiting unnecessary spending and increasing savings. I will also take a more active roll in investing as my knowledge in the stock market increase. Right now I will watch Ford very closely "F" for the next few years to see if their management can make good on promises to cut down costs and improve their products. Since their stock is relatively low at this time, I believe that it is a great opportunity to buy (if you have a time line of at least 10 years).

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