Slow and steady makes me rich.

I am not rich. I am not poor, but by no means can I quit my job and live comfortably for the rest of my life. I am optimistic and realistic at the same time when coming to terms with the fact that becoming rich takes time and patience. It does not happen magically overnight. The tooth-fairy is not going to slide a check for one million dollars under your pillow. I am consistently saving 6% of what I earn and it is automatically deposited into my 401K. At the same time I have been paying off a large school loan, which is scheduled to be paid off by the end of this year. My credit card is paid in full each month, and my car is paid in full. After paying off the school loan, and one more loan, then I can shift my savings into high gear. I accept the fact that I'll have a mortgage for a bit longer. This financial journey has opened my eyes to a lot. I know now that everybody wants to lend you money, so you can pay them back with interest. I don't like debt. I hate debt. I don't like owing people money. I've decided to become financial independent, and independently weathly. I plan to do this with consistent regular saving. After paying off the debts, I will open a Roth IRA, and concentrate on making some investments in stocks to get a higher rate of return than my high yeild savings account.

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