Save money on presents (Birthday, Christmas)

If you have a big family, or extended family, gifts can become a large expense depending on how many people you are providing for. One great idea for large families is a grab bag for Christmas. Everyone put's a their name in a hat and then you only have to buy a present for the person you pick. This system has been used for years and is usually called a Sercet Santa. Also you could chose to impliment a new ruling in the extended family by putting an age limit on gifts. Presents for children only (less than 18 years of age) . If you have over 10 cousin's and neices, newphews etc. this could save you a great deal of money and aggrevation. Also if you implement a Secret Santa, you can limit the amount you spend save $50 or $100, and you'll save money. Instead of buying 20 small $20 dollar gifts you buy one large gift. Try it out.

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