What's in your wallet? Cash or Credit?

Recently I discovered a tendency to spend less money when I am actually paying for merchandise with real paper bills instead of using a credit card. Credit and debit cards have become so quick and efficient (almost everywhere you go takes visa or mastercard) that people do not carry money. Instead they have a wallet full of plastic debt cards. The credit card gives people the dangerous ability to buy now and pay later. Many times this can lead to impulse buying, instant gratification is granted without an afterthought to the purchase. If used correctly credit is good. If you don't pay off your credit cards in full, you are paying several times more than the original purchase price (after tallying up interest, and late fees). My advice is carry some money. I'm not talking about your life savings, just enough to cover expenses you expect to encounter in the next week. When you have money in your wallet you will definately think about the purchase before handing over your hard earned cash to the cashier. It is easier to quickly swipe your credit card and forget all your worry. Limit credit card use to bigger expenses such as groceries, and major purchases. You might find yourself thinking before you act, which is a very good thing.

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