New feature on Ebay allows members to make a quick $20 bonus from UnwiredBuyer

If you have 10min an Ebay account (at least 12months old or positive feedback score of 10), and a cell phone you can make a quick twenty dollars. How? Sign up for Ebay's new phone bid service called UnwiredBuyer. For signing up you get a twenty dollar bonus after you place a bid using the phone. You can bid on a 10 cent ebook, lose the auction and come out $20 dollars richer. I just did it. I want to share this opportunity with as many people as I can because for each new person I refer I'll get $5. So it's a win/win situation. It's easy, just sign up for here for UnwiredBuyer, go to Ebay find a cheap Ebay ebook auction and set a right price. Then you will recieve a call when there is 3min left in the auction, bid using options # 1, and you're done. You'll recieve $20 credit in your paypal account. Email me at if you have any questions, or if you want a referral link so we both make some money.

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