Look before you Leap! Watch out for so called "GREAT DEALS"

In my experience everytime I sign up for something whether it be cable or a cell phone, it starts out not costing a lot, because I got a great introductory offer for being a new customer. This initially savings and great service dwindles after about 6 months to a year, and I find myself with a big fat cable bill, and a nice chunky cell phone bill as well. Why is this? Good marketing. Companies are like fishermen always leading you along and advertisers are talented baitmen that can disguise any old rusty hook to look like a terrific deal. So before you bite, STOP and THINK. Read the fine print. A lot of times this is were the most important information is stored and the saleman is probably trying to seduce you with extra options, gizmos, gadgets, accesories, insurance, and service plans. Don't let them rush you. Instead take your time, you could be signing up for a whole lot more than you think (a 2 year agreement perhaps, with early termination penalties). SO WATCH OUT! Or you might end up stuffed and posted on a plank over one of these saleman's fireplaces as the big sucker, they brag about to their friends about. Don't be the stories they'll tell to their grandchildren.

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