July recap

Did not make $100 in passive income but am much closer to the mark this month (Adsense topped others in revenue, followed closely by PayperPost and Ebay.)
Did increase traffic and increased position in major search engines (How to Make a Million Dollars is now found on Google, MSN, and Yahoo). The ultimate goal would be to create the most comprehensive and useful how to make a million dollars website on the internet and be able to help a large number of people from around the globe reach their financial goals.
Did create a new company, but it did not create profit, I still have yet to sell a song.
Did decrease my liabilities considerable and created a plan to pay off all student loans by the end of this year.
Did increase net worth.
Did not change much of the website's format, will do that in August to make it more organized, more user-friendly.
I am very happy with the progress so far, hope to continue at this rate.

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