Save money - barter, trade

There are other ways to get what you want without paying for it. Barter or trade for the object or service. This does not cost you any money to do, and you don't have to pay any take on the transaction. The government hates when they don't get your money through sales tax. Try this technique when you are going to a flee market. Take some old things that you don't want and try to trade for things you would use. A nurse that I know was able to barter for pediatric child care for her children by offering to write a child-care medical newsletter for the doctor's office. Yes this cost her time and energy, but it did not cost her money and she traded her time and effort in order to receive free pediatric care which would have cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Be creative.

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  1. You might want to also mention that bartering is technically considered taxable income by the IRS when you provide a service by barter. It's not for everyone for that reason.


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